So I haven’t written in a minute,  but please know that I have been observing some ish. The most prevalent problems seems to be: Fake Ass People.

Now there are many versions of “fake” but thas a Blog for next week for SURE. But the fake I’m talkin’ about is when people come up from absolutely NOTHING and wanna act all brand new. Like bitch are you SERIOUS?! I know more about  you than you think! BELIEVE ME. 

I'm all about the come up. Growing up poor, having to go to school without lunch sometimes, eating tea and bread for dinner because your mom just couldn't afford anything else. To being CEO of some conglomerate, living in a kick ass house and driving the only Bentley in town. Yeah yeah yeah, bla bla bla. Ine mad at ya. Believe me, I 'm actually proud of you. Determined to make a better life for yourself. I like that.

But I have a REAL problem with you SWITCHIN. Yeah, switchin. All of a sudden because you can afford some Steve Maddens and Gucci penny loafers, you FORGET. I'm not asking you to NOT have these things, I just wish you'd be a little more humble about it. How DARE you look at some poor girl that's wearing a tattered sweater, point fingers and laugh? Who gave you the right? When just a few years ago, that was YOU. Walking around with your head down, afraid to look up because you were so scared people were looking at you and laughing. Having to go outside to eat your lunch while everybody ate theirs in the staff kitchen. PLEASE DON'T DO IT. 

Having to take public transportation cuz for THE longest you didn't have a car but because you have a new car you wanna LOOK DOWN on people that take the bus to work?! OMG. You have GOT to be FRIGGIN KIDDING ME! Please get up off your high horse. We can see all up under your skirt from down here .. And we do NOT like the view!! Cuz all we can see if BULLSHIT. 

Your attention seeking antics are truly pathetic. Do you REALLY have to name drop ALL THE TIME?! 
"You see these shoes? Gucci."
"You see this wallet? Prada."
"You smell this cologne. Salvatore Ferragamo. $135.00"

Booboo, NOBODY CARES! Like SERIOUSLY! Get the HELL over yourself. Then this is what REALLY kills me. You become a "socialite". And try your best to fit in with these people that laughed at you just years ago. Because you couldn't fit in. Because you weren't cool enough. Because you weren't wealthy enough. But these the SAME people you wanna lotion right up right?! I mean grease all in they crack.  But this is the KICKER. They STILL don't like you. They don't care about you. But they WILL however care if you want to cover the tab, EVERYTIME. If you want to get exclusive party passes for them. If they need a ride, anywhere, at anytime. If when they need some money, they can always call on you. And you think you've found friends right?

And what about your "old" friends? Y'know, the ones who were on your side when you had NOTHING. Who brought you Sunday dinner and enough to last you for a few days. Who lay with you on your bedroom floor because you didn't have a bed. Who brought you a cooler of ice because you didn't have a refrigerator. How can you forget these people and furthermore, how far you've come?!

And to fix your mouth to say something like, "I don't know what it is to have nothing." ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME?! You might as well call yourself Casper because we can see RIGHT through your transparent ass. There is NOTHING wrong with having humble beginnings. I've lived both worlds ... The world of LOTS and the world of NOTHING. And they've each made me to appreciate the small things in life. 
Don't have a car to get to work? AT LEAST YOU HAVE A JOB! 
Don't have enough money to buy a new living room set? AT LEAST YOU HAVE A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD. 

Ugh. I'm all about being grateful and appreciative and not taking life so seriously. Stop treasuring these material things. Cuz when you're down and out and have no one to call, how much consolation can a Cartier watch be? Think about it! 

La Chienne La Plus Douce

12/8/2010 11:01:17

:'( I didn't know it was that obvious! thanks for the heads up.............but yea though seriously that person needs a reality check !

James Ingraham
12/8/2010 11:55:50

Dang this kinda mashed my corns because a few things in here i'm guilty of myself. You dont know till you look...


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