So I usually write blogs on things like this, but I found a video posted on Google+ (I still really hate you Rendera) that summed up everything I may have wanted to say. 

In this day and age, technology has taken over and what used to seem impersonal are now our main forms of communication. We email, text, BBM, WhatsApp, voicemail, IM, Skype, tweet ... we use it all. With that said, we meet a range of people online from all over the world. With a click of a button we can feel as if we're in the same room as someone that's sitting comfortably in their own house, tens of thousands of miles away. 

Maybe I'm just a sucker for love but this video did something to me. It showed me that you CAN find love. It doesn't matter WHERE you are. And whose to say it isn't real because you met the person over the internet? Whose to say it won't last? And even if it doesn't, isn't it better to have love and lost than to not love at all? Please watch this video. It was just the sweetest thing. 

8/8/2011 23:27:26

This video was perfect. makes you believe in love again.

8/11/2011 12:06:13

Reminds me of the first time I met the love of my life.....brought a heart-warming tear to my eye.

Bahama Beauty
8/26/2011 00:45:17

I have to say that it's not often that I'm touched by sappy loves stories or are even moved to comment, but this one has had a profound affect on my outlook on love... Maybe LOVE does conquer all (even distance, hmm LOVE IT!!)


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