"Ya jus' like ya worthless pa."
"Girl shut up 'bout any daddy. He does do anything fa you?"

How many times have we heard these lines? Countless right? Now while there are a PLETHORA of worthless fathers out there, we have some that are stepping up to the plate and doing their part. Investing into their children and not just monetarily. They spend time with them, create loving memories, discipline and lead. They may be a rare species but they are out there.

Now, to you baby mamas out there, I NEED y'all to stop badgering the good daddy of your child/children. I mean, I sit and listen to some women complain about their no good BDs and I think to myself, "I pray I don't find myself in that situation." And I also hear a lot of hypocritical attention seeking BMs who complain just because they want to. Listen, just because you're the BM doesn't mean you and BD are sworn enemies. You CAN get along, if only for the sake of your child. Stop being selfish and forget about yourself and remember that you have another LIFE you need to be concerned about. 

It's so funny. He does for the child. Pays school fees. Buys grocery/school lunch in bulk. Pays for clinic/doctor visits. Spends quality time with them. Yet you bash him. Why? Because he didn't give you money for a new outfit or some spare change to get your nails done? NAWL! That's BS man. It's not his place to take care of your lifestyle, sweetheart. His responsibility came out of your vagina - his child. You have served your purpose. Now let him take care of his. 

Then to the ladies that wanna PUBLICLY bash their BDs. All on Facebook, Twitter ... shit .. some of you even wanna give radio shout outs to "no good daddies". I mean ... WHY?! So that you can call yourself independent? So that your Facebook and Twitter friends can be impressed? People who you JUST met? Come on, man. Don't be bitter. Are you upset because it didn't work out? Because you thought he was a man of financial means and could save you from poverty? Well, that's what you get. And don't call him stupid and ugly now ... because you weren't saying that when you were on top or beneath him. And if YOU DID say that .. YOU my dear are nothing but a gold digger. Sleeping with a man for money. But your trap backfired. You got the baby. But not the man. Nor the money. Sucks, huh? NOW STOP BASHING THAT MAN BEFORE HE FINDS OUT AND STOPS GIVING YOU MONEY! Then how will  you afford your "independent" lifestyle? Your cute son's gonna wind up in a government primary school eating noodles everyday. STOP. SHOWING. OFF!

My daddy may not be the best but I remember when he did for me. And even when he stopped my mom NEVER bashed him. EVER. She'd MAKE me call him and almost forced me to respect him. She is a REAL woman. Not like some a y'all wanna-bes out there. Y'all independent seff. :) 

So to all the good baby daddies out there ... doing your part ... KUDOS TO YOU! Your wretch of a baby mama may not acknowledge it ... but GOD does. And He's who really matters. Happy Father's Day to you!! xoxo 

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