Twitter. All of you reading this know I love Twitter. I go on there, crack some jokes, make fun of people's grammatical errors and tweet some of my feelings. Yeah. It's hella fun. 

But what happens when you lose who you are? When Twitter becomes the most important part of your life? Is it okay to say it's an addiction at that point? A disease? Maybe.

We follow people we find funny or interesting. People we think we can actually like in real life. Until we realize we've been Catfished and that person you've grown to like/love is nothing but a boring fraud. 

How true are you to yourself? Does Twitter dictate what you say and how you live your life? Are the opinions of your followers important? Do you feel the need to impress them? Is the upward movement of your Mentions column of the utmost importance? Does your follower count make you happy? A lot of you are probably shaking your head like, "Nope. Not me." Yeah. It's probably you. 

Twitter Logic probably sickens me the most. So many of you have succumbed to it. Believe in it. Live by it. Safe to say, you are an idiot. Latest example ... Michael Kors. Yes. MK is not a new brand but it has exploded in the past year. (Thanks in large part to Nicki Minaj.) But according to Twitter, Michael Kors is absolute trash and only lessers wear anything MK-related. On Christmas day, I did a lot of tweetwatching and I couldn't help but holler. How idiotic are some of you?! Hiding behind your Compaq, telling other people that their gifts are "cheap" and "trashy" when you're wearing your Geneva interchangeable band gift set from the Florida Flea Market?! How dare you? And to make matters worse, you have people now EMBARRASSED to twitpic or Instagram their watches/jewelry/handbags. Seriously?

Then you have the women that come on here only to have their self esteem beat even further into the ground. Light skinned women are the goddesses of the planet ... According to Twitter. Dark skinned women are worth nothing. Diddly squat. Ugly. Trash. Disgusting. But ... all of this is coming from some guy using his Dell desktop in his mommy's basement. Yeah. Then some idiot is gonna second guess his incredible (dark skinned) girlfriend and opt out to be with a "light skinned bad bitch" who'll probably have him as an extra on her set. Ass. Poor "darkie" is probably gonna feel really bad about herself and may even think about lightening her skin. Girl ... don't you dare. 

Twitter changes people! Not everyone, though. And not always negatively. But for those who haven't found themselves yet and are confused about what they really want, Twitter becomes the Holy Grail. The Book of Social Acceptance. Say the right thing and watch your RTs roll in! The best feeling ever. "The funnier I am, the more they like me." Yeah. That's it. But how far do you take the jokes? Are you going to offend/disrespect people you care about for a retweet or mention? Yeah? Wow. You need to leave Twitter alone. It is not for you, babe. 

A lot of you are so funny and witty and cool on Twitter ... but in person? The exact opposite. Clumsily awkward and weird. Why do you feel the need to pretend for people? And strangers at that. Is your real life not good enough? Must you come on to a social network and be someone totally different? You prefer to be loved for being something you're not? Must be awesome. 

Maybe I'm too straightforward. I don't give a rat's ass about who likes me and who doesn't. You will know how I feel and if you don't like it, that's okay. No grudges held. At least you'll know where you stand and how I feel. And to me, at the end of the day, that's what's most important. 

Twitter is not for the weak. People are ruthless. All they care about is a chuckle here or there. Feelings are to be left at the front door. And if you TRULY believe that each of your followers gives two farts about you, then you are sadly mistaken. Granted, real relationships can happen but not with everyone. 

Use Twitter for the right reasons. To network. Not for social acceptance. There IS a difference. 

4/27/2016 11:27:11

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