Opposites attract. How many times have we heard this line? A million right? Now while I agree with this to a certain extent, more often than not, we attract that which we are.

Don't believe me? Take a long, hard, serious look at the types of persons you attract; both platonic and romantic. Look at your friends. What are their goals, hobbies, interests? Aren't they a lot like yours? Then take a look at the people that you've dated. If you were to lay across the board their personality traits, I promise you will find a common thread - and that common thread can be found in you. I've done it today. I literally wrote down the names of guys that I seriously dated and found that a lot of them had more in common than I thought. Some of them even looked alike. I found three main common traits:

1.They were all very goal oriented / successful
2. They all had an excellent sense of humor
3. They were all God fearing.

Those are all some of MY OWN traits. I attracted persons similar to me. This is why we were able to sit down and talk about everything and nothing at the same time. This is why we were able to connect on so many levels: spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  

Now while we DO attract some losers,let's just chalk that up to them being overly confident and zealous. Cuz honey child, sometimes I'm on my lunch break walking downtown and the gooniest of dudes come on to me and I'm forced to wonder if I missed the neon sign on my forehead that reads "Will Talk For Sex". :\

Most of you reading this are probably single. (Not poking fun, but simply going off my demographics). While some of you are happily single, the majority of us are actively looking or anxiously awaiting a fruitful, healthy relationship. But what vibes are we putting out? What signals are we sending the opposite sex? That we're happy and confident? That we're emotional and needy? That we're bitter and angry? Which of these three are people going to be most attracted to?

Now I'm not saying go out there skipping Downtown to the tune of "Supercallafragalisticespialladocious" but my Lord, would it hurt you to have SOMETHING to be happy about? Instead of railroading men and bashing women, have you ever stopped to think, "Dang, I woke up this morning. I must be God's favorite"?! Never? Well honey I am sorry for you because you will always complain about men being no good and women being stupid. Know why? *In my whispering voice* Because YOU'RE no good and because YOU'RE stupid. :( I'm so sorry to have to say it like that, but until you check stock within yourself, you will NEVER be happy! 

And to you pretty faces out there, that will only get you so far. It's like a bottle of perfume. I may look at pretty bottle first, but will be instantly turned off by it's scent! I'd prefer an ugly bottle with a sweet scent than the pretty bottle that reeks! And to you struggle faces/bodies out there, please for the love of God ... BE NICE! You already losin' half the battle ... don't lose the entire war!

Last thing, stop depending on other people to make you happy. DO IT FOR YOURSELF! Don't go to the salon to impress a guy or get new kicks to impress that chick - DO IT FOR YOU! Trust me, when you begin to work on your own happiness, I promise that others will see and gravitate toward you. "You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar". (Although, I never knew why one would want to catch bees. But you get the point). Be NICE. And be GENUINE about it, because being faking sweetness is far worse than you being a complete wench. 

So instead of sitting back and thinking, "Why the hell can't I find someone to love me?" Think "How can I make myself a better LOVEABLE person?" ... I promise you it WORKS. I am a living testimony! *insert Baptist stomp and running through aisles here* 

Love who you are and watch how many others will love you right back. 
8/19/2011 08:54:42

Good read and good advice. The world is a cycle in every way. Kuddos to those that get it and do the RIGHT thing as a result.


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