"Do you pay for sex?" Most guys would automatically smirk and say something cocky like, "What the hell? All this p***y in the world and I'm gonna pay for sex? Hell no." But I'm here to step on a few toes and say, "YES. YOU. ARE."

Most sensible men would agree with me because they know where I'm coming from. Do you honestly think a woman is going to take you seriously when you don't wanna spend a DOLLAR on her? Really? No boo boo. 

You meet a girl. Her body is tight, her 'swag' is on point and she just looks like she could be a lot of fun. So what do you do? You try your hand. If you're in a lounge or club, the first thing you do is offer to buy her a drink. ($6 - $10). If she's interested you guys chat for a bit and if she's a quick drinker, you offer to buy another drink. (Another $6 - $10). You exchange contacts. You call/text/BBM/WhatsApp offering to take her out. You're trying to impress her so of course you get a haircut ($10 - $15), put gas in your car (anywhere between $20 - $50 cuz you know you wanna show off and have your A/C on blast) and then you take her out. You spend on average over $100 on the first date. All for a church hug at the end of the night. This is how an average "date" goes. 

Now nobody is saying you have to take her to a lavish restaurant every night, but when you really think about it, you do spend quite a few dollars courting a woman. And the older and more experienced she is, the harder you try to impress. Tell me I lie! (crickets)   

Now, why are you doing all of this? Don't tell me it's because you want her to be the mother of your children. You's nothin' but a liar. Initially, the only thing you really want is some sex. Yeah I said it. You want the cooch. And you are willing to court her for as long as you can to get it. 

Now I'm guessing the men would ask me, "So if a man is paying for sex, does that make the woman a prostitute?" And my response would be, "Yes. She is a glorified, cleaned up prostitute." Mad? Okay. That's fine. But how stupid will you feel, sleeping with a man that does ABSOLUTELY nothing for you. No lunch. No flowers. No dates. So, you can sit there on your high horse and say  that you're not a prostitute and would rather a man that loves you and values you over a man that spends money on you. Yeah, okay. 

I gave THAT dream up in HIGH SCHOOL: "Oh, I don't care if he has money, once he loves me that's all that matters." Then the real life kicked me square in the ass. Honey child, I need to feel special and appreciated. Sex alone DOES not do that. Text messages alone DO NOT do that. Phone calls alone DO NOT do that. I need to know that I mean something to you, I need you to SHOW me that. And while sex, phone calls and text messages are nice, they are simply not enough. You don't have to empty your bank account but a friggin' Pandora charm? $30? Is that REALLY gonna hurt you? Lunch? $15 max? Will it KILL you to offer to take me to dinner? Yeah? Well then it would KILL me to spend time with you, MUCH LESS sleep with you.

And this doesn't really go for those in relationships. This is for those in the early dating/getting-to-know-you stages. But I WILL say to those in relationships, just because you have him/her doesn't mean you should fall off and not go out on dates, either! You worked hard to get 'em ... work even harder to keep 'em.   

At the end of the day honey, money talks. And actions speak louder than words. So put your money to good use. 

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