So I saw this tweet today: "No matter how much of a win you think your girl is, there's always someone better". Man I can't even tell you how far this made my head twist. 

I consider myself to be a realist. I say things as I see 'em, even if I have to make myself uncomfortable. But lemme break this down for my confused and misled fellow Twitterian: There will ALWAYS be a prettier woman, a sexier woman, a smarter woman and a more intellectual woman than the one you have but would you consider that "winning" if you don't LOVE her? And do any of these attributes necessarily means she's BETTER than your girl? See cuz she could be prettier but not as thoughtful as your woman. She could be more intellectual but not as compassionate as your woman. She may have a nicer body but her priorities may be screwed the HELL up. 

I consider a "win" finding the woman or man that makes you smile for no reason, uplifts you when you're at your lowest and  finds beauty in your self-proclaimed flaws. When you begin to base your "winnings" on superficialities is when you begin to lose. And when you begin to spend time analyzing another woman long enough to validate her worth, you're losing the battle. Staying faithful is already a real challenge for some people so to spend valuable time that could be attributed to creating a more peaceful and beautiful union, lusting over someone else is pretty silly. 

And ANOTHER thing. You wanna talk about finding a "better" woman and how someone's always better you know the SAME can be said about men? What's so great about you until you think you can pass such judgement and make such statements? How old are you? Do you still live at home? How many investments have you made? How many mortgage payments have you made? Hmm? Just sit back and think about these things for me please. 

But seriously, how green do you need your grass to be? You want the perfect woman? Well know that perfect ain't real ... and real ain't perfect. That will be all. 
9/12/2011 03:02:14 am

I think I agree with the guy from twitter. Someone is always better. Just how you broke it down by saying smarter or prettier isn't always better, you have to account for the fact that....those weren't the words he used. He used the word 'better.' There will always be more than one person that can "make you smile for no reason,"...your significant other isn't necessarily the only person who can do that. "Same as with uplifting you when you're at your lowest" and "finding beauty in your self-proclaimed flaws." There will always be more than one person who can do this (think about it...when you've had someone who brought u constant happiness and you guys break up, doesn't, more often than not, someone else come along, sooner or later, and you regain the same, if not better spirits that you once had with the previous person?)

Better is always better than best....because best is a form of arrival, where as better is constant records are always broken even though they were set by the 'best,'...the best basketball players in history are always being substituted for a more current player who became "better" than I understand your point but I think I agree with the tweet..."there will always be someone better."

but with that said....just because there will always be better, doesn't mean that someone will always seek to improve on their current relationship with someone else. I'm not a big gambler...when I play blackjack, I don't hit on 19. I'm content with green grass...the shade of green doesn't really matter after that.

9/12/2011 03:30:11 am

Okay. I see where you're coming from but in relationship terms why even bother acknowledging the fact that someone is "better"? To make yourself aware of the "flaws" and or "shortcomings" of your mate? And how would you deem someone better unless time was spent analyzing in order to come up with a statement?

This is where the 80/20 rule comes into affect. If I found someone that works for me 80% of the time, does that mean I am going to be unsatisified and opt to search for "better"?

And if we're going to assume that he didn't spend time getting close to said woman to determine her worth, he is going solely off of superficial traits. facial features, body etc. That also does not make the person "better".

9/12/2011 03:48:23 am

To mention it in a relationship is fact to mention it at all is stupid. The sky is blue, the water is wet...and? Only children draw such conclusions and feel the need to share it. Its a statement that may be true but is unnecessary to voice(unless used in correct context).

If someone just lost the love of their life to something like cheating or whatever reason....Yes,that person may have been what you thought was the best..but um, there are better or if not better, similar, out there...(and if he cheated then of course there are better).

Also,I agree, to find better means you have to give up what you had, or means you have been cheating on what you had. In reference to the 80/20 rule..Its like i said earlier....."I dont hit on 19."...21 may be the magic number in Blackjack..but i'm quite content with anything over 17. If you're constantly seeking to improve your relationship by replacing'll waste your entire life constantly loosing what you already had/were looking for.

9/12/2011 09:18:38 pm

That is exactly my point. A perfect mortal or relationship is non existent. But so many feel like there is a perfect person for them when in actuality there is no perfect person. Just a person that makes everything you go through, perfectly worth it all.

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