So this morning I went on Facebook and saw an old friend's status. She was professing her love to her man of 4 years. An outsider looking in would be overly ecstatic for this young woman. Seemingly with the man of her dreams. The perfect couple. 

But I know more than most. I know of her man's wandering eye and tendency to cheat. I know of her man's late night trysts, secret BBMs and phone calls. See, I know what her heart and mind has obviously chosen to not see. I believe that every woman has some type ESP. We just KNOW when things are going contrary. We just KNOW when our man's doing something foul. We may not always be able to prove it but our women's intuition is very rarely off. 

I look at her and my heart aches. I know for a fact I'm not the only one to know some of the things her perfect man is doing. Other people HAVE to know. And if other people know, how can she not? Has she chosen to ignore her gut feeling and choose "love"? Is she maybe too afraid to tarnish the "perfect" relationship she has portrayed for the public? Is she so afraid of being alone, she'd rather be with a man that may love her in public but not as much in private?

I know some of you are probably saying I should tell her about the things that I know, and usually I would. But she's one of those women. You know the type. So blinded in love, they refuse to believe any ill thing spoken of their beloved. Then they turn around and point fingers and call you spiteful and jealous. Yeah THOSE women. All I can do at this point is hope and pray that the truth is revealed before it's too late. Or will it ever happen?

She may feel like she's invested so much of herself into this man that all she can do is hope that it pays off and she's a Mrs.Worst part? He probably will marry her. Here's a woman who's stuck by him despite his unfaithfulness and still gives unrelentingly. Still provides for him, like a good woman would. He's won the jackpot, right? Doting (foolish) wife at home and time for his women on the side? Yeah. He's won all right. 

I never want to be that woman. I look around all the time and see women professing their love to men that only tolerate them. As much as I'd like to be in (real) love, Lord please protect me from being so blinded by it, I can't see when I'm in love by myself. #SingleWomansPrayer
10/10/2011 12:28:35 am

Great post as usual. I've been both the person blinded by "love" and the person who can't tell the girl that she should probably dump the guy.

Only thing I differ with you on is him marrying her. While he might, I think it is more likely that he may find a woman that he will choose to respect/marry and toss your old friend to the side. He's gotten away with his foolishness for so long, he doesn't respect your old friend at all. Then again, as you said, because he has gotten away with it all this time, she would be the best choice.

My uncle's ex was the same woman from your story, and remained with him for 8 years while he cheated. She gave him the "best years of her life" so to speak, and he married someone else.

((sits in prayer))

10/10/2011 10:06:26 pm

Lol @ sits in prayer!

But I see your point. Men RARELY love a pushover. They love a woman that can stand on her own two feet and put him in his place (respectfully) when he gets out of hand.

But this is a different breed. He has no problem marrying her because she will be the perfect wife. He's said it himself on numerous occasions. He's even said "She's paid her dues. Literally." Footing the bills and giving him material shit to gain his affection. In the end though, I can only see her losing. Or maybe not. She may be okay with the perfect image of a man instead of an actual happy relationship. But who am I to judge? To each his own, right? :(

*heads to confessional*

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Fine post dude

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is before long

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will come back before long


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