Ever sat down in a room. In the dark. Thinking? About everything and nothing at all. Analyzing what you did that day ... what you said ... what they said ... what did they really mean? Why did she not call? Was she busy? Maybe she's seeing someone else. Maybe something happened to him. Maybe he was robbed and someone took his phone. Maybe?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Eff that. The mind is a terrible thing to UTILIZE. Do you know how many potential relationships, friendships and opportunities I've blown to pieces in my mind in about 10 minutes? My mind never shuts off ... always turned on. So much so I even dream about the things I think about constantly. I've been thinking about him cheating? Aight. Imma think about it .. then dream about it ... and we ALL know dreams mean something ... right? No? DAH WELL. They mean something to me. So Imma wake up the next morning and be convinced in my SPIRIT that the (possibly innocent) boy is cheating. And what happens next? We break up. Inevitable. 

Meet another guy. Same thing happens. Vicious cycle, no? Yeah, I know. This has been my life for a hot minute. 

Had to spend time by myself to figure out just wtf I was doing wrong. Then it hit me. I think TOO much. Now while it's good to be on your guard and be aware of situations around you ... there is such a thing as being TOO aware.

I am a very passionate chick and I am all into my feelings. When I feel ... I FEEL. Anger, sadness, joy, love ... whatever it is. I FEEL ALL OF IT. Now while that's a good thing, it can also be a very scary thing ... to the man in my life. Poor thing falls for my quick wit and charm and loves it ... but YOU let me feel something else ... like disappointment. The. Wrath. Is. Real. And I had a habit of keeping whatever I felt to myself ... out of pure fear of sounding crazy. Then the feelings would sit ... manifest ... and grow to the point where I could no longer control them and BAM! Another one bites the dust. I have but ONE solution to this, though ...

Communicate. To the SOURCE of your "problems". 

I've found that talking to the person that's upset you (even if the anger is based on something your mind concocted) helps! Most of the times, you've exaggerated a situation and made a mountain out of a molehill and the person had no clue they were making you feel the way you did. 

Insecurities make us vulnerable. And that's okay ... but don't allow them to consume you. Your mind/spirit/intuition is NOT always right. Soooooooo instead of using your brain ... use your mouth! Wait .... that came out wrong. :\
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