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Sooooo last night I had a mini sermon on Twitter. (Follow me www.twitter.com/MacarraF)

I saw a few tweets and I just started. Women sort of idolizing men ... men that do so very little to and for them. And when I say "for them" I do not mean in terms of monetary investments. I'm talking spiritual, emotional and mental investments. Tangible "things" are secondary. 

I'll give you a few ways we go wrong and wind up screwing ourselves out of what could potentially be a decent relationship.

Giving Your Boyfriend "Husband Privileges" 
Contrary to our belief, doing this will NOT make him marry you. You're doing too much .. too soon. Three months in and you're cooking every day, ironing his clothes, taking him lunch, letting him use your car. You're over reaching. And you're trying too hard. Trying too hard to prove your worth and make him see that you're a "good woman". I won't lie, I'm guilty of this but we're only setting ourselves up for failure. We look like a donkey and what do people do to donkeys? Okay. Nobody just GETS this type of treatment, they must EARN it. 

We Wanna Be TOO Independent
Before you "independents" chew my head off, hear me out. The whole "gold digger" term was created to manipulate women. Back in the day, a woman would never be seen reaching into her purse to pay for a dinner when a man is courting her. It just didn't happen. Then came the era of the "Independent Woman". The woman who could do everything for herself. She didn't need a man for anything other than sex. Now with the independent woman phase in full effect, the woman who is accustomed to being courted is a gold digger. Now no woman wants to be that so she becomes independent. Offering to pay for most dinners. Sending him flowers. Picking HIM up. That's where we went wrong. The gender role switch. The man is now pampered and the woman is the breadwinner.You try to prove that you're a woman who isn't in it for the money. In the process, forgetting what should really be happening. Men were MADE to pursue. The Good Book says so, "A MAN that FINDETH a wife..." NOT "A woman that PROVETH herself to be a wife." Now while there is NOTHING wrong with paying for some dinners when you are DATING EXCLUSIVELY, take it easy and let HIM be the MAN. 

Child PLEASE, I have met MANY women that have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND only to lose their man to the woman who did far less. Not necessarily because she didn't like the man as much but simply because she knew her worth. She KNEW she was a good woman and didn't bother to waste time and energy trying to prove that. She was confident enough in herself to know that if this man was worth anything, he would just KNOW. And she wins. For every damn time. She's a little mysterious and incredibly interesting. She makes him WANT to know more. We should ALL take a page out of her book. 

We Make Excuses For Him
We've heard this OVER and OVER. But when will we GET it?! IF A MAN WANTS YOU - NOTHING WILL KEEP HIM AWAY. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Please believe that. A man does NOT give up on something he wants ... (just look at Lebron, still fighting for that ring LMAO #petty). But seriously, you can play as hard to get as you want, if a man wants you he knows JUST what to do. And if he doesn't he's gonna ask a female friend, an aunt, a cousin, his mother what he should do to get you. Don't believe that? Then you need to up the amp on your confidence level. BELIEVE you are worth ALL the work. BECAUSE YOU ARE!

Just some random thoughts I had last night. Hope this made sense to at least ONE person. 

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5/17/2011 11:01:32 am

Cool story bro...

5/17/2011 11:02:28 am

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO! I fuckin' HATE you Rayne!

5/18/2011 12:01:09 am

Great read. Somehow we are not being taught these lessons at home and have to learn the hard way. Hopefully, this helps one less girl go through being undervalued because she doesn't know any better.

Keep em coming.

5/18/2011 02:03:06 am

You hit it right on the HEAD KNOW YOUR FLIPPIN WORTH!!!!!

Independent woman
5/18/2011 03:35:21 am

Well I don't think an independent woman is one who does things for men but this is a woman who does not need a man for anything. I am extremely independent and I am proud of this however I never have and never will take care of a man. I am not payin for no date but I will pay for my share and I am not cooking and cleaning and taking care of no man because I go to work just like he does so cooking and cleaning has to be a shared thing. I don't ever think you can do $%it and give me a couple dollars or buy me that pretty necklace and everything will be okay. As women we lose our worth when we sell ourselves to these men. There is no difference between the women who selling on the street and the woman who with a man because he takes care of her financially. And when you start letting a man take care of you, you end up owing them for the rest of your lives. They feel like they own you when they take care of you.

8/30/2011 04:59:08 am

so many ladies in our era need to hear this. Lay it on thick hun

12/16/2012 02:25:44 am

read, loved and followed you on twitter!! "IF A MAN WANTS YOU - NOTHING WILL KEEP HIM AWAY. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!" I need to have this engraved in my brain!! My boyfriend has been saying he is busy at work, he has work so he can't spend time with me, yet today he is off and again he can't spend time with me but this time because he was out drinking with his friends last night and "his legs won't work"


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