"I can change him."
"He's just never had a good woman."
"She's not loose, just unaccustomed to what a real man is like."

All of these are excuses we make up. All of these are lies we tell ourselves. Lies that we think will appease our hearts which already know the truth. YOU NEED TO LET GO. 

We feel like if we tell ourselves these things long enough, we'll believe it and be okay. But we won't. We're only tearing further and further into a wound that will never, ever heal. 

Why waste time trying to CHANGE someone when the person that needs absolutely no changing is out there waiting for you? Someone who is willing to accept you, inclusive of flaws and add joy to your life? Note I said ADD and not BRING. That's where we make our mistakes. Waiting for someone to BRING something to the table. If you aren't happy with yourself, how do you expect someone else who knows almost nothing about you to make you happy? 

Stop making excuses for each other. Stop making it easier for the other person to trample over your heart and continue to confuse with their roller coaster of emotions. Stop making yourself look like an easy lay or an easy pay. Yeah. Either you're laying on your back or laying out some money on the table. Stop allowing yourself to be used and sucked dry of everything: mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. What kind of condition do you expect to be in when "The One" finds you?

Why take that burden on to someone else? Why make someone else suffer for someone else's mistake? Don't allow yourself to become bitter. If this person can't see your worth; move on. Stop wasting time. Don't make yourself hard to love, make yourself hard to live without. 

Know your worth and never forget it. 

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5/23/2011 10:01:53 pm

Great work ... Nicely written ... Straight to the point

Precious Kemp
5/23/2011 10:48:51 pm

u hit the nail exactly on the head, 2 many ppl (both male and female) want 2 anxiously find "love" so they end up settling 4 just about anything and confuse mr/ms.right now with mr/ms.right!

nice work


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