There are still good men out there.
Don't agree?
Maybe you're looking in all the wrong places.
How you gon' look for a good man in the club?
In your skimpiest outfit?
With your highest heels?
And face covered with at least 2 and a half pounds of makeup?
He's the obvious.
He is, after all, a man....
A carnal being.
You're not even giving him the opportunity to think about what you may look like under your clothes cuz you gat it all in his face.
Then because he can't concentrate on what you're saying (because he's so distracted by the double d's you tried to squeeze in a C to look "sexy") you gon' say he's a dog....
How you gon' say ain't no good men around when you wanna test drive every man in sight?
He's heard about you....
He is a man...
He will try.
So because he stuck with the saying "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"....and you're still waiting for that 27 carat diamond you gon' call him a no-good man?
You're really are.
How you gon' say ain't no good men out there when you can't even hold down a job?
A "good" man wants to take care of a woman but he doesn't necessarily wanna do it cuz he has no choice.
He wants to wine and dine you but my God, give him a chance to get to know you first....
You really expect him to fill your pantry after one night?
A good man wants a woman who can help him when he can't help himself
Not a woman who'd jump ship when he says "Baby, I can't....."
You still at home filing your nails waiting for Mr. Right to buy you that new Range?
Get real mama.
How you gon' say ain't no good men out there when you gat four baby daddy's??
I ain't gettin' down on nobody....
Children are a gift from God but it's YOUR gift honey, not his.
Just because he doesn't wanna date you because of your four kids doesn't mean he isn't a good man...
It could mean that while he is interested in you and the well-being of your kids, he may not be financially stable enough to help all of you.
It could also mean that he wants to avoid the drama of potential run-ins with the baby daddy's ....
Or it could mean that he is not very paternal...
But it doesn't mean that he isn't a good man.
How you gon' say ain't no good men around when you can't even hold a sensible conversation?
He can't even leave you alone at a work party cuz he's afraid you'll embarrass him.
Much LESS introduce you to the 'rents....
A man doesn't wanna date someone he has to hide....
He wants someone he can show off to his friends....
Someone with wifey potential....
Not someone who only specializes in tricks between the sheets (don't get it twisted now ladies....tricks between the sheets are a plus!)
I love men. Black, white, brown and in-between. Now while some are skanky, whorin dogs, ya gat some real men out there, doing real things, looking for a real woman!
So before you start beating up on my men, take a look at yourself: are you being a good woman?
Food for thought eh!

10/4/2010 12:49:53 am

Dis is real talk right here no lie...

10/4/2010 04:27:25 am

this is soo tru!!!

10/4/2010 04:45:44 am

AMEN! See why I keep an eye on ANY female who interested in MY brothers??? My parents ein raise 3 great guys for some skank to ruin

& E
10/4/2010 09:08:39 am

i love it..... just love it.

Nubian Q.
5/17/2011 10:22:37 am



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