This is for my men. Y’all know I love y’all but it hurts me to hear y’all say “Aint no more good woman around.”
Now I’ll be lying if I said that a lot of my fellow females have been doing some real dumb ish, but that doesn’t give you the right to say that there aren’t more good women. Men LOVE to get sensitive when women say that about them and use the [now] infamous line: “Can’t beat everybody with the same stick.” But before you point fingers at women, how about you look at YOURSELF first. Are YOU a good man? Are YOU able to support and take care of a woman? Not only with monetary funds, but both emotionally and mentally?
She may not be on ya run or even giving you a chance for a few reasons. I gat my top five right here:
5. You Don’t Even Have A Car
My Lord man. Now listen, every sensible man knows that you CANNOT come up on a grown ass woman and you have no mode of transportation. So when we go out for dinner, I have to pick you up? Not because your car is down but because you ain’t gat none! Come on bruh! That ish is NOT gonna fly. You needs to get yourself to the nearest Sanpin Motors and pay down on, if not a new, a nice used car. Ain’t gata be a Mercedes Benz but a lil’ Honda with a CD player for those nights when you just wanna go for a ride. And YES, I’d like to be in a car with some music cuz I don’t expect to talk to you the entire ride. Oh, and AC. Just because. May get heated in this car! LOL!
4. You Don’t Have A Job
I don’t even think I should elaborate on this, but I will. Now adding to the fact that you do NOT have a car, you don’t even have a JOB to pay for dinner?! You are seriously trippin’. Please get ya big nasty behind up and go find the Classifieds and get your broke self a doggone JOB! How. HOW. HOW do you expect to find a good woman with no job? And to top it all of you ain’t even TRYING?! Bout you ain’t workin’ for the man? Listen, don’t flippin do it! Until your non-high school diploma havin’ backside decides to get a GED at least and learn a trade you WILL work for the man until you BECOME the man. Okay?! Got it? GOOD! Here’s 2 dollars. Go and get the Tribune and The Nassau Guardian.
3. You Still Live At Home
Awwwwaa, it’s a mama’s boy. How sweeeet! But wait! This negro is THIRTY years old and STILL at home?! Oh no. No no no! And worse off, he ain’t even TRYING to get something for himself. Not even a piece of property. My Lord. It’s okay to still be at home and working on your home but you just wanna be home because you’re IRRESPONSIBLE? No sah! No no noooo! My God, I was on my own since I was EIGHTEEN. EIGHTEEN. And I am a WOMAN and an ONLY child. So yeah, I’m gonna judge you REAL hard. Every time we wanna just hang out I gata be lookin’ up at your ma, pa, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins? And the ONLY time we can really hang out is at MY place? Keep it movin’ bruh! #NotInterested
2. Baby Mama Drama
Most women love kids. Their OWN kids. Now I’m sorry. I am not prepared to deal with you and your 3 kids and your 3 baby mamas. First you don’t have a job, no car, you live at home with mama and NOW you gat the BMD! No sah. I don’t care what anybody says, all women [and men] are very apprehensive about the BMD [or BDD cuz Baby Daddies are just as retarded] just because it’s almost unavoidable. We’re out to dinner, your phone rings. It’s your BM. Calling with some BS about the baby needs pampers, or a new bottle, or formula. Then when we’re chillin’ at my [or your] place BM decides to just drop the kids off at 11pm cuz her and the girls are going to the club? WTF!? No babygirl. Now until your BM gets some damn manners and respect for ME ain’t nothin’ bout to happen with me and you. And I HATE when BM’s use this line: “Baby mama can always get it.” Know why I hate it? Cuz 99% of the time, It’s TRUE! And I don’t need that looming over my head every time y’all have a PTA meeting or soccer match. Yeah. No thanks.
1. You Are STILL A Player
Now I KNOW you are not calling us women “no good” when you tryna get under ever flippin’ gowntail in Nassau! How do you expect to find a GOOD woman when your nights usually end up with you in Fluid, Cocktails and Dreams and Charlie’s - grindin’ up on some random stranger that you’ll probably end up taking back to your mom’s place or the backseat of your boy’s car? How do you expect to get a good woman when your BEST pick up line is: “Sweetness why you don’t come hya man? You look DEAD good.” Why? Why are you complaining? You don’t want a woman. You want a broke down, aint into nothing, NIB collecting, baby making, trampy, pole dancing, lace front wearin’ FEMALE! NOT to be confused with its much CLASSIER counterpart: WOMAN. So stop bein’ a damn DOG and sniffin’ asses and maybe, JUST MAYBE you’ll get yourself a real WOMAN.
So in short, after writing both articles, I feel like good women and good men are all over Nassau. We just have to position ourselves.
If you aren’t finding the love of your life, they may just not be a part of the life you live.
You can’t expect to find better men and women doing the same things. So get out there. Try something new. Take up yoga, join a gym or get dressed the hell up and go to a high-end restaurant – All by yourself. Watch the difference.
La Chienne La Plus Douce 

10/12/2010 12:03:06 am

Amen Hallelujah! *bangs the pulpit*

10/14/2010 01:52:59 pm

Mmmmm....I don't know how to react to this...... i'm 3/5 and still consider my self a GOOD MAN.... you know you know

10/14/2010 02:37:02 pm

You know what...Never mind! lol....I AM A GOOD MAN..POWWWWWWWWWWW....

5/14/2011 01:45:24 am


Girl this has me rolling this morning, cuz you taking the words right out my mouth. LOLOL ah myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

high flyer
5/14/2011 02:10:26 am

So you going to sacrifice your happiness just because a brother doesn't have a car? Same foolishness as always. Suppose this man has a deliberating condition and cannot drive? Suppose he is saving all his money to pump into his business and is willing to take the bus to make that happen - you still gonna dis him?

good women in the bahamas = 0

a good woman
5/14/2011 03:53:10 am

Couldn't have said it better. @ high flyer, not sure what a deliberating condition is and obviously you're just grasping for straws. A car is a necessity, like she said, it don't have to be fancy but it should be able to get you around. And of course if there is a reason why the man can't drive this would be the exception and not the norm. I own a convenience store and I am a single mother of two and I have men who ask me out daily and then turn around and ask if they credit noodles and kraft dinner till payday. Oh and then they wanna know if they could use my daughter's bike for couple minutes. Come on man, can't be serious.

high flyer
5/15/2011 01:47:25 am

in 2011 we (both women and men) need to stop with this "what can you do for me" mentality. Don't be critical of me still living at home with my mommy, when your ass still living at home with yours. Don't be dissing a brother because he doesn't have a car when your ass don't have one either. The niggaz who giving handouts (paying 3 rent, and car note, and shopping trip) are the same posterchild for "there aint no good man" when wife and sweatheart clash at fish fry.

Every woman in the bahamas looking to find somebody to pay their rent, mind their child (cause the no good drug dealing baby daddy has moved on to the hood rat of the week) and buy them Gucci and iphone.

Once the nigga spending y'all dont care (a)if he married (b) if he selling drugs (c)if he oogly (d)if he have 6 children all under 10 from 5 different woman.....Prostitution is rampant

5/15/2011 02:08:31 am

All interesting comments.

Society has changed from the traditional man is the bread winner and woman is the home maker to both men and women working for their own and doing for themselves.

As such, society is having great difficulty redefining the rules in terms of where the trade begins. In our grandparents day, the trade was you keep house and home, have children as the woman, i go out and make money, pay bills and feed the family as the man.

Now, the rules seem to be, since we are both working, and feeding the family, i give money or something extra as a man, you provide vagina as a woman.

You deem it "prostitution" but what man will assist a woman without her "giving it up"? in the same vein, what woman will give it up without the man handing out?

We are still trying to define the new rules of society as we try to cling on to the traditional rules of our parents - and we are having great difficulty doing so.

Cerys Gwenda Howells (you ga KNOW me)
5/15/2011 02:10:34 am

@high flyer...waaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa

lalala, ray ray ray , run on, run on, run on

*rolls eyes* does that say enough for u?


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