Okay, so I’m all about love. I love love. The butterflies and incessant blushing cuz this man just always knows what to say! Ugh. He’s so flippin’ perfect it’s scary. And you know the feeling will eventually wear off, so you take it for what it is and enjoy the ride. *sigh* I really do love love.

But then there are some people that make me HATE LOVE! How can two people be THAT MUCH in love?! Now stop your foolishness. The sex CANNOT be that good til you drooling after y’all been together for like 2 years. SERIOUSLY?! Every new toy becomes OLD. I’m not saying you can’t love them but you seriously can’t be that head over heels – STILL?! OMG. Get a life man. Or a hobby. Something.

Then it filters over to Facebook. Listen, why I gata see y’all every flippin’ time I come on FACEBOOK?! WHY?! Why y’all ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL through my News Feed?! WHY?! It’s not cute hunni, it’s annoying. But then it becomes funny when it’s only one person giving all this Facebook-lovin’. Hahahahahaha! Yes I laugh at you. And I know I’m not the only person to notice this either! And the fact that sometimes you don’t even get a response. LMAO! [But that’s another Blog].

But seriously, y’all don’t have cars eh? Or cell phones? Or house phones? Or Facebook CHAT? Or Messenger? Or Skype? See where I’m goin’ with this? There are a MILLION different ways to reach your love without broadcasting it on Facebook. I’ve been guilty a time or two of an overly gushy status but my Christ, at least I wasn’t all over his wall like a lame-o! Sheesh. And even if I DID get the urge to write on his wall, I’d send him an inbox message. See? NORMAL! That’s what NORMAL people do.

And stop stalkin’ his fliipin’ page. Like seriously, do you get like Facebook notifications or alerts sent to your cellphone via text message when he does ANYTHING?! He comments on a status, YOU’RE ON IT! He updates his, YOUR’E ON IT. Uploads a pic, FIRST ONE TO LIKE IT! Change the tiles in his café on Café World, you right there lookin’ at it. Smt. You need to relax ya HIP man! You really make me wanna vomit!!! But you say I’m jealous. Yeah. Unh huh. Okay. Yeah, I’m SUPER jealous! I REALLY wish I had a boyfriend I relentlessly pursue while he half-heartedly acknowledges me. Mmm-hmm. Yep. You’re right. It MUST be jealousy! *rolls eyes*

And I laugh at the people that say this crap is CUTE! Lololol …. Now to Y’ALL Imma need y’all to stop LYIN! Y’all right there laughin’ at this poor boy as he pours his heart to this girl, who is CLEARLY not on his run. But the fact that his “people” gat money and his skin color almost guarantees some “pretty” kids, she pretends for him. And only for HIM, cuz the rest of us know what’s really goin’ on. While he pursues his Master’s Degree in Spain, homegirl all up in Charlie’s wit’ ya boy from da Kemps. While he rackin’ his brain in the books, thinking of how he’s gonna make a great life for his future “wifey”, home girl rackin’ too. Unh huh.  Rackin’.

Now to those of you that are really in love. I ain’t mad at ya. Dealt with the love thing a time or two. Not about to do it again anytime soon but yeah man, I’m happy for you guys. But for CHRIST’S sake and for the sake of my SANITY, could you PLEASE stop broadcasting your love life and relationship info to us on Facebook.  Now if y’all about to break up and y’all gonna put up a bunch of scandalous pictures and status updates, PLEASE TAG ME! I was waitin’ for it! LMFAO!



La Chienne La Plus Douce


It’s Only Life Don’t Kill Yourself Over It, It Ends When It Wants To Anyway.

9/29/2010 03:11:49 am

I'm sorry that my FB relationship is sooooooooooo much in your way. Maybe you should just delete me. YEA we do own phones & every other source of contact BUT i want people like YOU to know that he is STILL mines ! SMT.....oh shit sorry you said HE? my bad i thought you were talking about me........YEA KEEP YA'LL LOVE TO OFF THIS GAL HOME PAGE IT'S ANNOYING !

9/29/2010 07:15:24 am

i'm sorry carra...i'll try not to let it happen as often....lol...but my phone met with sudden death...lol...i jus love ur blog sis

6/14/2012 10:58:39 am

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