I’ve spent some time in deep discussions with various friends both in my “Circle of Trust” and those not so fortunate to be counted as a member of the CoT. The topics we discuss are vast and they cover many subjects in relation to women because as we all know … you can never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, (well yal get the point) ever, ever, ever know too much when it comes to the species from Venus.

This one topic though seemed to hit home for a lot of guys and that is (drum roll please) Would you openly date a “bad gal” and make her your girlfriend or even MARRY a “bad gal?”

Now before everyone breaks out into a panic we have to look at this in detail. And fellas don’t just give me the expected immature reply of “Ya can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” because I will tell you, I personally know of some women with … ehhhhhh … questionable reputations who are happily married TODAY! Now, does the HUSBAND know he married a bad gal or not?

And that dear friends, is the money question, because sometimes we meet people who may not have been in our social network. They may have come from totally different backgrounds and social circles; and that can be due to any number of things, but fact remains we don’t have any background information on that person.

But back to the topic at hand …

What makes a girl out to be considered “bad”? We’re all adults here so let’s not beat around the bush; the answer in most cases is that the girl has either slept around or she is juice dudes for money and/or material things. I’ll be honest, I don’t live in a fairy tale world so NO I don’t expect all girls to be virgins when I meet them and personally I don’t like virgins but that’s another topic. For a woman, based on your age I expect you to have a certain number under your belt. So let’s define a median, for a girl aged say 23 – 25, a fair range in my book is 5 to 8 i.e. she slept with 5 to 8 different fellas.

Now some of you may think that’s a lot and others may think that’s too little (if so yal need prayers). But to me that’s fair, as a woman if you fit within this age bracket and you are within or under that number, hats off to you! (And holla at ya boy). Others who may be over that number at that age, like those of you at about 15+, I’m not tryna to insult anyone but you may wanna start to slow down (or just plain STOP) cuz you might be givin it up too easy and you’re name might be out on the streets (on second thought, since yal givin it up so easy … yal needs to be callin me too!).

At the end of the day fellas, it’s up to you to determine what makes a gal bad or not. Then once you have gotten over that hurdle, you have to decide if it is even that important to you or not. You may not care about some of the ungodly things she did or whatever else happened in her past life. That’s the difference, it maybe just that, THE PAST … she may have been rehabilitated and now she learned how to truly love, respect and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. She might be the realest girlfriend you meet, she might end up being the most loyal, supportive and dependable wife you would ever have and she could end up being the best mother you’re children could ever dream!

I don’t subscribe to that adage “once a bad gal, always a bad gal” … I might have an issue with making public appearances (I’m kidding) but I do believe people change … and that’s what’s important … ladies and gentlemen that’s what’s REAL..

Signing off,
Joe G. Rinds 
9/23/2010 04:54:45 am


9/24/2010 03:01:11 am

Yea i'd Marry one...... If i happen to fall in love with her. Sometimes its the BAD set that turn out to be the BEST, because they don't want to live that bad life any more and would appreciate a man who wants just more than sex.

Quiwi F
9/24/2010 12:21:43 pm

I find that a lot of men are always quick to judge a woman with a reputation. You can't jump to conclusions without knowing the facts though. I've found in this small town that a lot of details to some persons' reputation tend to be fuzzy seeing that a lot of what people swear by when they talkin other people business, they don't know first hand. It's usually something they heard or assumed. Even if it's true and a girl may have spread herself a little thin(I made that sound good hey?? lol), you never know why. It could be personal issues in her life, or a time in her life when she could've used a little guidance.

That don't mean that ALL bad girls are just misguided goodies who wanna be loved nah. Some chicks just straight up rotten and don't mean anyone any good. They quick to use men or hook up with other women's husband etc. etc. You just hafta take the time to see where her head is at.

On on another note....I'm not down with assigning a number that justifies how many men a woman should have been with at a certain age. men feel like they can plow through as many chicks that would let them and then wanna look for someone who had more discretion with who they chose to be with. What the hell?? Not only am I a grown ass woman who can do what or WHO the fuck I want to; but what makes a man think that a woman that is sensitive to the number of sexual partners that she has wants to be with a man who been all over the place?? Eww..

7/16/2011 02:58:22 am

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.


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