What the hell is a BROMANCE?! Niggas all huddled together in the corner. Lookin' round. Mean muggin. WITH NO WOMAN! Smh. 

Imma need y'all fellas to stop y'all foolishness. I know us ladies have the ocassional "Ladies Night" so I don't mind if you guys have your time, too. Sunday and Monday Night football. Basketball games. We get it. But there comes a time when you MUST draw the freakin' line!!!

I am so damn disappointed in some of you men. Like freal. How the HELL do you put off a date with a WOMAN to spend time with your BOYS?! I mean I don't get it. If you have a sensible woman, she will understand that  you both need time apart to actually miss each other. Bla bla bla.Yeah that's all fine and dandy. But how do you leave your girl at a party to go with your BOYS?! ALL THE TIME!!!!! EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME. You are CLEARLY gay. CLEARLY! Like how does this even make sense.

THEN you have the AUDACITY (aka BALLS) to text her MUCH later that night talkin' bout "Hey baby, can I see you later?" PRESS PAUSE! STOP! EJECT THE DAMN DVD! You ain't friggin SERIOUS!

Ma BOY, if I was a nigga and I came to the club with my boys and the woman I'm talkin to, datin', sexin', or WHATEVER tells me we leavin' together .... BUDDY ... WE LEAVIN' TOGETHER! What the HELL?!

And to the friends that give this dude crap for wanting to go home with his tings, you my dear, are a homosexual. Or lonely. Cuz you goin' home to a cold bed. Why do you want your boy around you ALL THE TIME?! WHY?! Imma need YOU, Mr. Loser, to get yourself a woman. (Real or inflatable). 

You know how many times I've seen this BS for the YEAR?! I mean. Perfectly beautiful women, HORNY and gata play SECOND to the man's BOYS?! Smt. Then nigga gonna wonder why she ain't on his run after bout bout 3, 4 weeks. Do you need a friggin' Psychic to tell you that this chick is CLEARLY not into BROMANCES?! 

I need you guys to sit back and think about this LOGICALLY. Since according to studies, men are LOGICAL. How do you put PENIS over VAGINA?! HOW?! Imma need y'all to remember that pussy holds all the power. Believe it or not. To wanna be around your boys more than your woman shows me three things:
1. You're an immature piece of crap
2. You are NOT ready to be with a woman
3. You jus like man.

Don't agree? THINK ABOUT IT THEN. Smt. Is the club REALLY more important than your girl? You gonna probably spend bout 40 dollars buyin' drinks for you and the girl you tryna talk to in the club ... HOPING that she takes you home. But if she doesn't that's your money gone DOWN THE DRAIN! When you could have spent one 20 dollars, ordered some takeout, take it to your girl's house, watch one movie and do the nasty. Now tell me, which one of those scenarios makes the most sense? Smt. I gata teach y'all niggas EVERYTHING dred! FLICK!

So if you are guilty of this, you still have time to save yourself. New Years Eve is tomorrow. Plan to spend that night with your love interest NOT with your boys. I'm sure you'll gain some cool points. If you choose not to, and think I'm just running on with a bunch of garbage, let's see who's gonna be getting any action on that night. I know I'll definitely be SKR8! LMAO ... Toodles. 

La Chienne La Plus Douce.

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