Question of the day, the week, the month, the frigging YEAR: Can social networks REALLY ruin a relationship? Can I say HELL NO? No? Ah well. I will and you will deal. :P

Let me just say that there are only two things that can ruin a relationship - YOU or your SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Nothing else. You can waste time attempting to debate with me and say that social networking sites and annoying exes are the cause but let me save you some time. It's all bullshit. NONE of these can solely ruin a relationship. 

If I have a boyfriend and he has a Facebook or Twitter page what am I supposed to do? Tell him to delete it? Should I delete mine? Is that healthy? Nah, bruh. I love Twitter and I'll be damned if I give it up for a relationship. It makes no sense to me. 

What I CAN do is make sure that I am always mindful of the things I post and tweet ensuring that I don't say or do anything to disrespect you or our relationship. I don't care HOW friendly you are, all the "Honey", "Baby", "Sweety" shit when talking to other women will NOT fly with me. But that's just me. I can get real jealous and act all the way out. But that brings me to another point. You have to KNOW your s/o. Are they the flirty type? Are they just naturally friendly? See, you don't wanna change anybody because the traits you wanna change are probably what drew you to them in the first place. So before you look at him/her through rose colored glasses, think "Can I be in a committed RELATIONSHIP with someone that is so flirty?'. Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, then don't push the issue. If the other person feels as if it's something they can EASILY change because they really wanna be with you, let THEM make that decision. PRIOR.

There are evil women and men out there, though. The ones who ONLY wanna "friend" you up because you're no longer single. These kinds of people upset me. When I was single, you NEVER tweeted me. But the MINUTE I have a boyfriend, you have SO much to say and with so much emphasis?! 
"Hey BOO!" 
"Hey HONEY, I haven't seen you in so long." 
"Hey BABES, when we ga link up man?" 
REALLY? Why? Why now? You are nothing but a friggin' snake in the grass. Tryna stir up problems. But I see you BOO. And I need you to get the hell up outa my peripheral! 

And I need the ones in relationships to keep their eyes open! Don't be fooled. Watch out for those people. Ask questions BEFORE you start accusing and getting upset. TRUST your s/o. If your gut keeps telling you that something ain't right. Something probably isn't. But please ... PLEASE. Ask questions first. 

Another thing though, y'all slick DM'ers. Yeah. Y'all. Sneaky bishes. STAY OUTA COMMITTED PEOPLE DM's with your SHADINESS. If it ain't about business or a party or something like that ... DO NOT send a DM bout "Hey gorgeous, just wanted to say hi." What the fuck for? You couldn't say that on the TL? Why you gata make it look so sneaky? See, I runnin' hot na! DM = PRIVATE. Why you sending' homeboy's girl a PRIVATE message? You know her like that eh? Stop putting people in these compromising situations and leave her and her relationship alone! And sweetgirl/boy, if you get a message like that, #cheapus you tell your man/woman what’s going on and save yourself the explanations later. Cuz the longer you keep it from them, the guiltier you look. 

I wanna share a secret with men, though. I don't care how ugly you think you are, the minute you are no longer available, you are bait to a LOT of women. Some women ONLY like unavailable men. I guess it makes them feel powerful (think I Gat Your Man). Is it pathetic, yes. But do you see it happening? 9 times out of 10, you don't. Women are SLICK! They will pretend to be SUPER nice and act REAL innocent knowing EXACTLY what they’re really after. Meanwhile, your girl catches on and when she asks you, what do you say? "Oh no baby, don't be so insecure. She's just being friendly." No boy. NO. That homewrecker is planting her "friendship seeds" to uproot your happy home. If  you didn't know her prior and if she is trying too hard to be TOO friendly, she probably wants the peen. Run. (If you want your relationship, that is).

One quick thing to the ex: You are the EX. Know your damn role. Don’t be tweeting him ‘bout, “Hey boo, how you doin’. I MISS YOU” What the HELL?! I WISHHHH a muthaeffer would. I would POLITELY tweet back: “K”. And you know EXACTLY what that means. And this whole “Ex turned bestie” No. Just no.  

And to the CHEATERS on this here Twitter. Just because your significant other isn’t on Twitter does NOT mean that they won’t see or hear about the your ratchet-ness. Eyes are EVERYWHERE. Remember that. And I don’t care HOW much you delete DM’s, some people have theirs linked to their Gmail. Those sweet nothings you typed last night? Yeah. They may not be in YOUR DM column, but they’re surely in her email account. Forever. So think twice eh!

Last thing. Don't provoke your man/woman. DON'T DO IT. I don't care HOW mad you are at each other, doing things out of spite will NOT make the situation better. Just because we had an argument last night does NOT mean that you should go tweet up ALL the girls I was always suspicious of. To do what?! INFURIATE me? M’kay. Keep doing it and watch what I’ll do. Be MATURE and talk our problems out. SANS Twitter rants. (I still need help on this one cuz I just mash my ENTIRE corn).

But yeah at the end of the day, NOBODY other than the two people involved can ruin a relationship. NOBODY. A relationship is WORK. And a lot of it. That’s why we have sex. To alleviate some of that stress! :P

But what do I know? I’m just an old single hag. :(

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