Ever dated a guy that you thought had potential to be "The One?" I'm sure almost all of us have. The only problem was ... his friends. His single friends to be exact. 

See, our great guy suffered from LMS. Likin' Man Syndrome. He did EVERYTHING his single friends did. Cuz they were boys and it was a must. So if one dude buys a Blackberry, they all get a Blackberry. And if one switches over to an iPhone, they must ALL switch over to an iPhone. Chall, I guess. 

And it didn't stop with material stuff. It trickled right on down to their personality. If one was a womanizer, everyone followed suit. How incredibly wonderful. Right? :|

Now before you men attack my behind, this is NOT the case for every man. Some men actually think for themselves and will be the only boo'd up man in a sea of single friends. Those are the special ones. The ones who don't need extra encouraging from their friends to date because they know who they are and what they want. Whether their friends agree or not. (My lil disclaimer). 

But y'know what I've learned to do with a man suffering from LMS? RUN! Run for the friggin' hills. If you want a future with this man and he is more interested in Sunday night football with the boys cuz they come first, you might as well just leave. You cannot CONVINCE a man to be with you. And if you do, how long until he changes his mind? 

Trust me, I've been here and done it. And I'm seeing it happen right now! It's so sad how much control a man has over the potentiality of a relationship. Don't believe me? In about 80% of cases (cuz I conducted my own study ya see) relationships are formed because the man pursued you/was ready for a relationship. You can disagree; that's fine. You can shout at the computer screen, I can't hear you. So as far as I'm concerned you agree. 

Another thing you're GOING to agree with. When a man has several close male friends and they're single, they wanna be single too. Mostly cuz they don't wanna feel left out or teased for having a "baby". But when their friends are getting married and domesticated, they wanna follow suit. Sounds stupid but it's true.

Now you're probably thinking, "When in the hell am I gonna win?!" As SOON as you stop pursuing unavailable men. And I don't mean someone else's man. I mean a man who has TOLD you he ain't ready for a relationship. Honestly. You cannot make him change his mind by cooking for and cleaning after his behind. 

This is probably the one time this man's gonna be honest. (JOKING!) Keep it moving. Don't wanna completely let go? Aight, cool. DATE! DATE DATE DATE! Do NOT put all of your eggs in this man's basket. Cuz how heartbroken will you be when he pops by your house one day to drop off his wedding invitation?

Want a serious, steady relationship? Date someone that wants the same thing. Why waste your precious time with a man who's TOLD you "Yah bey, I really jus wan chill ya see. Ine lookin' for nothing serious." WHY?! I did it before. WAY too many times before. It don't work, boo. But ya know what wrong with us women? We wan be Captain Save A Jackass. If the man don't wan be serious/monogamous with you, what you wasting your time for?! Wake up like I did and push out! 

It may sound cliche as hell but honestly, it's better to be a single, happy woman surrounded with loving friends than a woman in a dead end relationship with a man that will NEVER commit. 
2/10/2012 11:00:55 am

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