Women are funny. Critical and envious by nature. Another woman has a new bag? We have to get one just like it or better. New shoes? Maybe we should buy a new pair, too. Nothing wrong with healthy competition. Keeps you on your toes. But it's when you start comparing your self worth do you have a problem. And not until you start eyeing their man do you have an even bigger problem.

Women want the fairytale. They want the good man who'll wine and dine them, sex them senseless and be able to take care of the home (financially). So when another woman has that and we don't, we feel some kind of way. That way is jealous. So we either go out and actively search for a man that can do this or just take hers. Easy, right? He has all the qualities you want and they're not married so he's on the market, right? Right. R.I.G.H.T. So wrong. 

You see the outside. Not the inside. You see the rewards. Not the toil. You don't really know him at all. A song just came to my mind, Tanya Stephen's "Tek Him Back". In the song, Tanya "stole" someone's man because she thought he was everything she wanted but quickly found out that she could not deal with him. She thought he was rich, he wasn't. She thought he was stylish, he wasn't. She thought his sex game was on point, it was below subpar. Wanna know why he was flourishing the way she THOUGHT he was? The woman he was with made him appear to be (even if he wasn't) the perfect man. She was probably the one financing him, paying his car note, buying his clothes ... presenting to you this "good man". And because you're none the wiser, you want this "good man". And then you get him ... 

Are you willing to do what she did to keep this man? Are you willing to put up with what she did? You can't answer that "Yes" or "No" because you DON'T know. You don't know what she did. You don't know what she put up with. And you don't.know.him. Trust me, I've been there, done that. I always refer to that time of my life as #TheYearOf21. I was a BIIIIIITCH, lmao. Omg. You have a girlfriend? Yeah. I don't care. I want you, so I'm stealing you. And can I TELL you how I had to place that negro on a box with a lovely "Return To Sender" sticker?! I just couldn't deal! He was fine, I thought he was loaded and I thought he was "loaded". Ehh! Wrong. Chal boo, I was over that young man in less than a month. And I totally had a Tanya Stephens moment and send a lovely apology letter to his ex's (currently wife) Facebook inbox. Smh. 

So in short, to all you lovers of the phrase "He's fair game until he's married", remember that. If he wants to be with you, he'll come. You can't REALLY steal someone's man unless he wanted to go in the first place. So if you feel like this man is the one for you, the one God kept for you, the one you were born to love ... be patient. I'm sure your time will come. If not, move on. Or you can wait around for a wedding invite and make your declaration of love there! ^_^ 

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